How Technology Can Help Prevent Disasters In Mining

Mining is an industry that has seen several incidents over the years but with technological advancements happening almost every day within the industry, it is now safer than ever before to extract raw material from the ground. In this article, we are going to give you an insight into how technology is helping to prevent disasters in the mining industry and how it is reducing the damage it is having on the planet.  

Reduces Human Error 

One of the main benefits of technology within the mining industry is that it reduces human error. With automated machinery for underground mining, this makes the process much safer as there is no human life put at risk. With a number of other technological advancements such as the rock hammer and conveyor belts, mining has become far more efficient as a result. Thus, allowing the group to mine more in a shorter amount of time further reducing costs. 

Detects Fatigue In The Workforce

Another way that technology is helping to prevent disasters is through anti-fatigue technology. This fully integrated technology can detect microsleeps in the workforce and pings an alert to a mobile device. This can then be dealt with immediately to ensure that every member of the workforce is safe when on site. This DSS system is mounted to the dashcam and is used to track head and eye movements of those that are falling asleep. It is also used to track any distractions that may be present to help those that are driving are fully aware of their surroundings and what they are looking at. 

Improves Air Quality 

In addition to this, dust reduction technology is another key change when it comes to preventing disasters as this will help to increase the air quality of workers. This is key to the success of a business as this will help to improve the overall quality and prevent respiratory problems. This is crucial to the business as this prevents workers from taking the day off for illness due to the work environment. With technology such as air ventilators and water spray, the dust can either be dampened or removed entirely to ensure that the working environment is safe. 

Decreases Air Pollution 

The final way that technology is helping to reduce mining disasters is by decreasing the amount of pollution that they let into the air. Not only is this beneficial for the workers, but this is ideal for the planet as the carbon emissions can be monitored and reduced. In addition to this, dust from coal and other minerals can be harmful to our lungs as well as that of animals, therefore it is important to ensure the technology is in place to remove these harmful partials from the air to keep it as healthy as possible.

With several technological advancements making their way into the mining industry, only time will tell how this will impact both the care of the workforce as well as the efficiency of the process. What are you expecting to see in 2019?

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