New Year, New You: How To Stay Injury-Free in 2019

The beginning of a new year is a popular time to make (and break) resolutions. While many people set personal goals that are a little tougher to meet, such as losing weight or stop using a credit card, simple changes can make life in 2019 happier, healthier, and safer.

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed “klutz” or just seem to have a string of bad luck, here are some tips for staying injury-free in the new year.

Steps To Avoid Some Of The Most Common Personal Injuries

Accidents happen every day, and often they result in a variety of personal injuries, from fractures and sprains to burns and TBIs. While it can be virtually impossible to know when or if you will be injured, there are some steps you can take to reduce your risk and safeguard yourself from otherwise preventable injuries.

Stay Alert and Focused

Daydreaming, loss of focus, and being distracted all create a recipe for disaster when it comes to doing everyday tasks. Whether you’re working on machinery at work and turn away to talk to a coworker or you are reading emails on your smartphone while crossing the street, you are significantly increasing your risk of being badly injured.

Whether you’re behind the wheel of your car or walking in your neighborhood, being alert and free from distractions can help prevent all types of accidents from trip and fall to a collision with another motorist.

Learn How To Use Equipment Safely

Safety instructions are on almost everything we use from hairdryers and coffeemakers to the equipment at work and even the cars we drive. Some safety instructions may state some information you already know, but wouldn’t you rather have a “friendly reminder” than a major injury?

When you’re at work, see if there are any protocols for using equipment safely. At home, always read the instructions before using a new device or piece of equipment. Never skip wearing protective gear, like glasses, if it’s strongly recommended.

Know Your Limitations

People are injured in various types of accidents every day because they are too tired or pushed themselves beyond their physical limitations.

Whether you’re standing on a ladder and cleaning the gutters at home or you’re lifting heavy boxes at work, never push yourself beyond what you’re comfortable doing. If you are sleep deprived or feeling ill, you may also increase your risk of being injured.

See A Problem? Speak Up

How many times have you seen something at work or at a public place that looks like it could cause an injury, such as broken tile, a puddle, or even a large patch of ice? Did you say anything about the potential hazard or did you leave it for someone else to mention?

If you see a hazard that could cause an accident or result in another person being injured, speak up. Not only will it clear your conscious but it will keep you and other safer. If you don’t feel comfortable addressing an issue, talk to someone who can help you relay the message.


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