How Changing R22 With TdX 20 Can Save You Money

When scientists were first announcing that the ozone layer was becoming depleted, there was likely no thought that the most common coolants in the world, R-22, was actually contributing to this issue. Freon had been used for decades, and is still considered to be one of the best coolants ever produced. The ability of this chlorofluorocarbon to absorb heat from the air, leading to efficient air conditioning systems, is known worldwide and that is why it is so popular. However, subsequent to the realization that CFCs were contributing to ozone deficiencies, companies began to find replacements. Teams of scientists work together, for many different companies, coming up with coolants that could replace Freon if it were ever outlawed. Today, we know that in 2020, Freon will not be used legally in any air conditioning device. That is why the savvy investors in Bluon Energy decided to do research and ultimately create TdX 20. This is an overview of this new coolant which is not only just as useful as Freon, but is also able to help you save what could be a substantial amount of money on your utility bills.

What You Ought To Know About TdX 20

TdX 20 is a replacement coolant for Freon. Developed by Bluon Energy years ago, it is considered by many experts to be one of the most effective and efficient coolants on the market. It mimics Freon very closely, and that’s why it can simply replace Freon without having to make any type of adjustment on the existing AC units where it will be used. It also has other benefits including its ability to help those that use it save money by reducing their electricity costs.

Why Is This So Energy Efficient?

The main reason that it is an energy efficient coolant is because of how efficient it is at extracting heat from the air. It does so at a much lower amount of pressure than most of the other coolants that are being sold. Within an air conditioning unit is a device called the compressor. The compressor will compress the coolant, causing it to change into a gas. By using TdX 20, the compressor will not have to work as hard to compress the coolant to achieve the same efficiency levels of Freon. Compressors use a substantial amount of electricity, and when they do not have to work as hard, your energy bill will go down. That is the basic reason that this coolant is cost effective, plus it is also one of the best in the industry for absorbing heat out of the air.

Other Benefits Associated With Using TdX 20

If you have read anything about this particular coolant, you know that it has many beneficial properties that other coolants do not have. In regard to its energy efficiency, some have saved as much as 25% on their electricity bill. This is in direct comparison to identical machines that are using Freon. Since it is almost identical to R-22, many businesses and individuals have no problem switching over. In some circumstances, oil changes will be required. However, not with this particular coolant. It will work very well with MO & POE systems. Since it does perform well at lower pressures, as well as lower temperatures, you are going to save quite a bit of money. As the amperage is sent through the AC system, the amount of vibration will be reduced, and it will also boost the stability of the air conditioning unit and its different components. These benefits contribute to why the EPA and ASHRAE have given it rave reviews. As with many companies, there is always a warranty associated with these coolants, and you get a very good one with TdX 20.

Do You Need To Have HVAC Professionals Do The Replacement For You?

You certainly need to use an HVAC professional to do the exchange. They will have all of the equipment necessary to capture all of the Freon, preventing it from escaping into the air. They will also be able to insert the TdX 20 and also test your system for you. Based upon the measurements derived from their testing, they can determine if it is working properly, and can resolve any issues that they may encounter. For the most part, this change from R-22 to TdX 20 does not lead to any problems at all. Bluon Energy made sure that when they created this coolant that it would be almost identical in its ability to perform as Freon so that it would become a top choice for people changing out this chlorofluorocarbon.

How Long Does It Take To Change Out Your Old Coolant For This One?

Regardless of the type of coolant you are using now, when you change it over to TdX 20, the process will probably only take about an hour. If you have multiple units, especially larger ones, this could take several hours and multiple workers. Keep this in mind as you are trying to figure out how to keep your merchandise cool while this exchange is happening. They will likely do just wanted time, allowing you to keep operating your business without worrying about losing product in the absence of cool or cold air. If this is for an air conditioning unit, you will likely have a backup plan, perhaps window units that you can use for that period of time.

Ways To Locate HVAC Companies That Can Switch Coolants For You

You can find many companies that offer these services. It has become quite common for businesses to do this regularly. Especially larger corporations that have a multitude of units that use these materials, they are constantly switching out Freon for coolants that are acceptable. If you decide to use TdX 20, you should have no problem at all getting better results once this is installed. It is important to only work with a company that has a history of changing out Freon with TdX 20 if this is what you would like to accomplish.

Once you have switched over to TdX 20, you should see a noticeable change in your ability to produce colder air. It will also be much more energy efficient. The cost of switching can be substantial, depending upon the size of your company, but you are also doing this to be compliant with the law. Freon has done well over the years in providing cool air, but it has also done damage to the ozone layer. Once this is all replaced, and this chlorofluorocarbon is no longer used, we will be able to look forward to cooler air, and higher levels of efficiency, with our cooling systems.

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