5 Essential Apps Rolling Out for Legal Professionals

The innovative smartphone in your pocket isn’t only for emailing, calling, and connecting with partners and clients via messenger platforms while on the go. Legal professionals are now using their mobile devices to catalyze efficiency.

According to an American Bar Association (ABA) tech report, “Even though laptop computers are lawyers’ primary remote working platform, 96% (essentially everybody) use a smartphone at least occasionally to do legal work. At 96% smartphone adoption, it is fair to say that all lawyers are now remote workers.”

There are now a number of apps you can download to maximize your day, and minimize workload. Whether you need timekeeping software or a way to streamline case research, there’s an app at your fingertips. Let’s take a look at the top five mobile apps rolling out for legal professionals.

  1. Fastcase

Fastcase.com is a legal app that gives legal professionals access to cases and statutes with via smart tools and an intuitive interface. Available for iOS, the Fastcase app allows you to search and sort cases by date, results, case citations, jurisdiction, and more.

The functionality of the application also lets you choose how your search is displayed, whether by title, title and first paragraph, or title and most relevant paragraph. This can reduce research time.

Additional features for lawyers include, statute searches, citing via Authority Check, saving options for later viewing and research, as well as recent search archives.

  1. Smart Time Apps

SmartTimeApps.com is a full suite law firm timekeeping software application that tracks time of your legal professionals. With four modules; browser time entry, time capture, billing guidelines, and mobile time entry, Smart Time Apps is the only lawyer time tracking app your firm needs.

Smart Time 5 allows you to access everything via the cloud for ease of use when deploying the software and seamless integration into your law firm’s existing systems.

The most enticing part of this timekeeping app for legal professionals is the ability to choose the features your firm needs. This personalization is an essential reason why Smart Time Apps is a must-have app.

  1. TrialPad

TrialPad by Lit Software is an app that helps lawyers organize case presentations for that day in court. What makes this app an efficient and useful tool is that legal professionals can actually put the app features into practice within the courtroom setting.

The management of case files can be challenging, but TrialPad can lessen the load. Lawyers get features like case file organization and annotation for mediations, hearings, and even jury trials.

Display your case via projector in court and easily convert any document or image into PDF using this innovative app. Surely worth giving this legal professional app a try for your next court case.

  1. iAnnotate

The iAnnotate app isn’t necessarily made for legal professionals, but its features are almost geared for the daily needs of lawyers and law firms. The iAnnotate app is an annotation and PDF reader tool that fits in your pocket. You can whip open documents when needed.

Features of iAnnotate include, accessing documents from email, marking up digital case file documents, note taking, signing documents, highlighting pertinent details, and more. The best part is that you can always undo anything you markup.

This powerful annotation tool also lets you convert web pages into PDF documents, or import Microsoft Word documents or PowerPoint decks. Have a lot to do, no problem, because you can also browse multiple documents at once without issues.

  1. Dashlane

Dashlane.com is an app that enhances law firm and lawyer private practice security. Securing client data and personal information is a hot topic right now, and for any professionals, like lawyers who handle sensitive documents, being proactive about security is vital.

With the Dashlane app you create strong passwords to protect your firm’s case file data, and the personal information of your clients. Features include, encrypted password generation, safe storing of passwords for multiple accounts, TouchID authentication, and more.

Dashlane also lets you sync accounts across multiple platforms and devices while maintaining security. This is perfect for lawyers always on the go, making secure data and information accessible from anywhere, and at anytime.

In Conclusion . . .

Legal professionals have a lot on their plates, and leveraging innovative tech solutions is an excellent way to lessen the load. Every lawyer has a mobile device, so why not put them to use via apps specifically tailored to make lawyers and law firms more efficient and effective. What mobile app or desktop application do you use to make your daily workload lighter?

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