Tractor Trailer Accident in Lubbock Leaves Child with Life-Threatening Injuries

In the continued roadway battle of cars versus tractor trailers, the smaller vehicles usually don’t win. Such was the case in a recent in a late August crash in western Texas that left a four-year-old child seriously injured after the car they were riding in collided with a big rig. Estimates from the latest available federal government research show that in just 2016, 104,000 injury-causing accidents involved eighteen-wheeler trucks.


The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal reports that on Monday, August 27th, a late afternoon crash occurred on Clovis Road that left the roadway shut down for most of the rest of the day. Due to the serious nature of the accident as well as the life-threatening injuries sustained by the child, accident investigators were dispatched to the scene from both the Lubbock Police Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety.


A later report from the local NBC affiliate reported that thought the cause of the crash remains pending, it appears that the truck was attempting a right-hand turn into a local meat market from the left-hand lane of eastbound traffic on Clovis when it impacted a Nissan Altima traveling in the right-hand lane. Two other occupants of the Altima, a young woman and a six-year-old child, were also taken to local hospitals with minor injuries. Investigators speculate the grievously-injured younger child may have been riding in the front seat of the vehicle without a seatbelt.


Approximately 475,000 accidents occur each year on American roadways involving large trucks, according to a compilation of crashes reported to police agencies. As crashes continue to occur in frighteningly high numbers each year, drivers in other vehicles are cautioned to always be alert to their surroundings and ready to react quickly if necessary. Even fast reflexes cannot prevent many crashes, however, which can happen with little-to-no warning. And while child-restraint systems and seatbelts for older vehicle occupants can help lessen the extent of injuries in some cases, an impact between a very large and heavy vehicle and a much smaller one may still result in catastrophic damage. Accident investigators work thoroughly to ensure any criminal liability issues are revealed if those play a role in an accident’s occurrence. In addition, tractor trailer litigation attorneys can help families recover and seek civil justice by holding those responsible for the operation and maintenance of large trucks to a high standard of care so that the incidence of careless wrecks is reduced.


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