The Important Role Video Plays In SEO

For businesses that are looking for a compelling way to attract consumers and new clients, they should definitely consider tapping into video marketing. Why video? Consider these facts:

  • One of the most popular social media platforms, YouTube, has over 1 billion users, which is one-third of total internet users.
  • Forty-five percent of people on the internet watch over one hour of video on YouTube or Facebook each week.

Consumers aren’t just watching video for entertainment, however. They are also watching video as a way to become informed about a new product or service, which is why 87% of online marketing experts use video content. Online marketing professionals have found that when the word “video” is placed in the subject line of an e-mail, the open rate increases by 19%, with click-through rates increasing by 65%.

Video Brings SEO Results

Besides the fact that video is extremely popular, using video can help businesses get immediate SEO results. By including video on a webpage, organic traffic from Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) can increase by a whopping 157%. Besides the increase in organic traffic, video also helps to decrease bounce rates and improves the chances of getting backlinks.

In order to create high-quality, SEO-boosting videos, online marketing experts should keep the following tips in mind:

  • Publish videos on more than one webpage
  • Provide context for the video by surrounding it with useful written content and attention-getting visual graphics
  • Videos should educate consumers by answering questions about a product, service, or brand
  • Publish high-quality videos on a regular basis, in other words, be consistent
  • Include detailed information, such as a title tag, a description using keywords, and the length of the video

One more thing to remember about video, is that consumers love to share them. When videos are high-quality and the above tips are utilized, a video has the potential to reach exponential numbers of consumers, including new customers and clients.

Incorporating Video into Web Design

Another important consideration when using video for marketing purposes, is how exactly to incorporate video into web design. Before including a video on a webpage, it’s important to answer the following questions:

  • Should the video be in the foreground or background?
  • Should the video play automatically?
  • Should the video be full-screen?

The answers to these questions largely depends on the purpose of the video and the audience. One thing is certain, the better a video is incorporated into the design of the website, the better the chances of getting SEO results.


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