The Latest Advancements in Modern Day Boilers

In a bid to outdo one another, companies in the boiler construction market are continually improving their products to give themselves an edge over the competition. Such advancements are also prompted by the buyers themselves who ideally settle for boilers that meet their needs. Below is a number of advancements you should expect in new boilers moving forward.

Increased Use of Condensing Units

The shift from non-condensing boilers to condensing boilers has been triggered by a need to boost efficiency. The increased efficiency will then inevitably lead to reduced operational costs. The fact that any new innovations that boost energy efficiency are quickly picked up by the market has served to catalyse this shift. Widespread use of condensing boilers has grown rapidly hitting its peak during the energy crisis over a decade ago. Apparently time was ripe for a reliable energy-efficient option.

Better Controls

Modern boilers now feature advanced controls that make it far easier for the user to operate them. The ease with which one operates such controls also extends to their installation which is simpler than in previous models. The set-up wizards do come in handy in directing a user on the step-by-step installation process until completion. Another new feature is remote control function which allows you to operate the controls using your phone or tablet when you aren’t nearby. Additional features also include the rotating lead lag and better modulation.

Better Maintenance

The extent of the difficulty one is bound to face regarding the maintenance of a boiler rests on its design. A good example is the spiral shaped water tube found in many condensed boilers will be hard to clean owing to its shape. Modern boilers now feature a straight design option which makes them easier to clean. A common worry for many people is a sudden shutdown which forces them to seek hasty boiler repairs. While you might have a good service provider on speed-dial, modern boilers can save you the trouble of unforeseen shutdowns. A predictive feature present in boilers provides you with an analysis of what might happen in the near future based on the boiler’s current status. This feature allows you to spot problems and solve them before they become costly.

Better Durability

Modern boilers are more durable than their immediate predecessors owing to the advanced maintenance features. Predictive analysis coupled with better design and construction materials guarantees that the boiler will work effectively for a long time.

The next step in boiler technology is undeniably the merge with renewable energy. The world is going green and it’s only natural that the boiler construction industry does the same.

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