New Release Fiction Novel Nine Notches:Really Good Read!

Book Review Of Novel Nine Notches 

New York, NY – Not since Ken Follett’s timeless classic The Pillars of The Earth (1989 Penguin) have I become so enthralled in a century gone by, so submerged in a plot: then I read Nine Notches. It’s not often that a self-published author knocks it out of the park with the first at-bat, but New Orleans native TJ Spencer Jacques has done just that: sent one 400ft over the wall.

In his debut novel, the author takes us on a turbulent ride across the cobblestone roads in New Orleans French Quarter, a treasured tale that spans from 1835 until current day. Nine Notches is two brilliantly woven stories that eventually collide in your life, leaving you wanting more pages to turn. As of the publication of this review, TJ Spencer Jacques is not a Best Selling Author, but he will be.  With a narrative voice of a master Skald, this phenom of an author has the incredible skill set to place you on the auction block and sell you off to the highest bidder, and then cart you away in a dry rotted buggy.

In this epic novel, the author introduces us to a slave name Beatrice, her lovesick master, and his wife who completes the age-old triangle. In the center of that triangle: The legendary Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau and her mystic potions. The current day chapters of the novel are told from the point of view of two buddies (Sherman & Brandon) who collaborate on a dissertation about race and their ancestry. It is during their research that the friends discover Beatrice, and it is that discovery that rips their friendship apart. Unfortunately, this novel is also about the anxiety that comes from separation, and the void of irreplaceable bonds.

For lovers of historical fiction and suspense novels, Nine Notches is a fresh perspective on America’s greatest sin but told without the distractions of sensationalism. Nine Notches is also about the consequences of forbidden obsessions, and the account of what it was like to love a Quadroon more than your wife. Ultimately, Nine Notches is a story told by an enslaved woman in an authentic vernacular that allows the reader to consume her every word, and feel what she felt.

It Is Also Asphyxiation!

From page one, Nine Notches will grab you by the throat and only allow enough oxygen to make it to the last page. From the shotgun blast of the opening first sentence, you will become emotionally invested in this novel, and adopt these characters into your family.  If you’re looking for an excellent read to enjoy this summer while you swing in a hammock, then look no further than Nine Notches. This brilliant work of fiction is a gift to those who crave novels about mature adults, with the suspense of a blockbuster thriller. Nine Notches is available on Amazon, or you can order a copy by visiting the author’s website at

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