How To Remove My Mugshot From The Internet? Maxxphire PR Knows How

With the sudden surge in DUI arrests, there has also been a surge in the number of mugshot photos uploaded to Google by arresting sheriff Departments. Few things are more frustrating than to have an employer or child discover an old mugshot photo, the fallout could be devastating. Recently Maxxphire PR & Branding partnered with several search engines to make their mugshot suppression services available nationwide, which has also increased in their new client enrollments.

A spokesperson from Maxxphire said they have been instrumental in removing their celebrity clients from websites like and, and now the same service is available for anyone who has a booking photo in Google Images.

“With the recent legal troubles facing websites like, many clients in need of mugshot removal services have turned to us because we offer personal one on one consultations that are unmatched. When you call us – we answer the phone – not a paid answering service.”

Listed below are just a few of the reason more clients are opting to hire Maxxphire PR to resolve their Google search nightmare. Maxxphire offers peace of mind in the form of a  Money Back Guarantee. The spokesperson went on to say:

  • Money Back Guarantee – Before your enrollment, you will receive for your review a detailed quote specifying the entire process and a completion time frame. If we have not delivered, then you will receive a refund. Every client is faced with a unique challenge, and from time to time there are unforeseen issues that may arise. The Good News is: in the worst case scenario we will ask you for an extension in the time frame, but our Money Back Guarantee protects your enrollment cost.
  • Private Consultation – Our office consist of seven experienced Public Relation Specialists, who are qualified to alleviate your crisis. The seventh person in our office is the owner: all inquiries are responded to promptly. After you enroll, we will assign a PR Specialist to guide you through the reputation management process, and personally update you on our progress.
  • One Call That’s All –  We will never sell your information. Once you call us, we will not spam you or harass you a week later with solicitation calls. If we have not earned your business during the initial consultation, your information is never stored for re-marketing.
  • It’s What We Do – We work for you and will do whatever has to be done to protect your online privacy. Our investigators and attorney are on retainer for your unique situation, and you will have the peace of mind knowing we will work around the clock to protect our clients. Stop wasting precious time out of your life researching each website that appears in your search results – retain Maxxphire PR & Branding today and go enjoy life.

Don’t allow one mistake to haunt you forever.

You have the right to protect your privacy, and that starts with your Google Search Results. Give Maxxphire PR & Branding the opportunity to protect your most valuable asset – your name. If you are someone you know has a mugshot photo in Google, please visit Maxxphire now.


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