Bookmark OS Applies Artificial Intelligence for Smart Bookmarking

SEATTLE – Elite bookmarking management tool, Bookmark OS, announced today the addition of Notes and Time Filtering, two new features that will be released in the next few weeks. With Notes, users can easily save text by clicking an icon on the home page and typing in a simple text editor while Time Filters help users surface time sensitive bookmarks. These tools enhance and simplify the user’s bookmarking experience whether they are using Bookmark OS as an individual or collaborating with friends, colleagues, classmates, or students.

Watch the video:

Bookmark OS, an ad-free, browser-based bookmarking platform launched in 2016 by Seattle-based developer David Lynam, harnesses Artificial intelligence (AI) to help users more efficiently organize their bookmarks. The web-based platform not only utilizes familiar visual cues for ease-of-use but enhances the user’s experience with advanced customization tools and machine learning. Bookmark OS learns from your activities, enhances your experience by offering folder suggestions, organizing data and improving bookmarking flexibility and the platform usability. Bookmark OS is a responsive website and can be used on your laptop, phone, or tablet.

Bookmark OS’s upcoming feature, Notes, allows users to take a step into content creation. With Notes, users can jot down additional thoughts, to do lists, recipes, or whatever else comes to mind, simply by clicking on the note icon on the home screen. The note can be organized along with the rest of the bookmarks on the Bookmark OS desktop and searches will include text inside these notes.

According to Lynam, “Adding standalone notes is a natural progression of the product. Many users have asked for a simple way to just save text, so having a simple text editor will allow users to leverage the organizational features of Bookmark OS for notes in tandem with their bookmarks.”

As for time filters, a common bookmarking scenario is to bookmark something that you want to revisit sooner rather than later. Lynam says, “Time-based filters will allow users to focus on bookmarks created during a recent period such as last week or last month to make it easier to find revisit-worthy bookmarks.”

Thomas Craig one out of the thousands of existing users said about Bookmark OS,

Intuitive, and it looks like it is organized so that – unlike Xmarks which is now a value-destroying disaster that makes scrambled eggs out of my bookmarks weekly – it will actually keep things in order since there is some “intelligence” in how it tags and organizes bookmarks.

Bookmarking Madness: What’s Wrong with Standard Tools?

Despite the many advances in how users browse the internet, bookmarking applications have seen few, if any updates since their introduction. “They generally work” one Bookmark OS user said, “but once you fill up the bookmark bar, or try and keep bookmarks organized on more than one computer, things start to feel disorganized and it gets daunting.”  This lack of usability makes the browser’s internal bookmark tool unattractive, clunky and ineffective. A quick search shows a panoply of videos and articles on bookmark organization. Clearly, bookmark management is still a problem in need of a solution.

Lynam said:

I developed Bookmark OS out of my own frustration with the available bookmarking services.

He added, “They all felt dated, with clunky user interfaces and I found it difficult to keep things organized and find what I had bookmarked. Bookmark OS solves these problems with its intuitive and elegant interface, AI-driven folder suggestions and more.”

There are four main pains:

Random Visual Cues

The visual icons in the bookmark manager are hard to distinguish from one to the next. This makes organizing and searching the interface a pain in the neck.

Locating Previously Saved Bookmarks

Too often users save bookmarks and end up unable to locate them or wasting precious time.

Confusing Terms & Phrases

There are generally several components of a bookmark manager with standard labels such as: “bookmarks toolbar,” “bookmarks menu,” “all bookmarks” and more. However, this jargon goes over the head of users simply trying to tuck a page and prevents them from finding it later.

Overwhelming User Interface

Unless you’re tech-savvy or have been using bookmarking tools since they were originally called “hotlists,” UIs such as the one seen below are intimidating to look at. It’s too claustrophobic and users have a much higher chance of experiencing frustration with these setups.

The Value of  Efficient Bookmarking Tools

Living in an age where people are exposed to more information than they can absorb, bookmarking is key to organization. We are literally bombarded with data overload resulting in a number of tabs left open for content we’re genuinely interested in. The tabs and bookmarked pages soon slip our minds causing a waste of space and time. Our demanding fast-paced society makes even an extra five seconds crucial to success or failure. The last thing employees, students, and professionals want to add to their regimen is figuring out how to properly use the bookmark manager. This would only place added pressure on the user but Bookmark OS streamlines bookmarking activity with its familiar, easy to understand dashboard with updated features for contemporary use.

Bookmark OS Solutions

Fully Customizable- Personalize your workstation by choosing which columns to display and in the order desired. Also adjust icon size, spacing, font size and text height.

Alphabetize and duplicate tools. Tidy-up your desktop and find duplicates with the duplicate bookmarks resolver.

Clean User Interface- The UI resembles the look of MAC and Windows so you feel at home.

Cross-Browser- Bookmark OS has a responsive website that will display properly on any browser and mobile device.

Identify different bookmark types with icon types. For example, if you bookmark a pdf, word doc, zip, or txt file, the appropriate icon will be used.

Live Preview your GIFS. Live previews are used for photos and GIFs, making it easy to see.

Folder Recommendations with AI- Machine learning technology offers you insight on where to place bookmarks based on your activity and preferences.

Encourages Rediscovery of Useful Content- Optimal spacing to icon size ratio reduces clutter and facilitates rediscovery of forgotten bookmarks.

Folder collaboration and sharing – Example include friends collaborating on a folder of recipes or a teacher sharing a folder of resources with his/her students.

Leverage the power of tags and folders together.For example, you could use a general ‘to read’ tag and organize them all in different folders.

Sync backup of bookmarks via Dropbox.

SiCo, an existing subscriber of the service said:

It all adds up to exactly what I was after, something to manage and sort my bookmarks, with great tools such as alphabetization and Find Duplicates.

Comparative Chart with Other Bookmarking Services.

Bookmark OS: Simple & Unique Bookmark Management

Bookmark OS is the only non-linear bookmarking tool on the market that is fully-responsive and customizable. It bridges the gap between the user and data organization which is an imperative asset in the 21st century.

What’s Next for Bookmark OS?

In addition to Notes creation, Time Filter measures are to be implemented this upcoming May 2018. The filters will allow bookies to search for bookmarks based on a customized date range. The bookmarks that don’t fall within their given range will be filtered out and not displayed. Options such as “last day”, “last month”, “last six months” and “ last year” are some available options to choose from.

It’s basically free!

For a limited time, the subscription fee is only $1/per month, $12 a year. For this low introductory rate, users can better manage their time and tasks with a bookmark manager that adapts to their needs. The promotion ends July 1, after which the fee will go up to $24 a year

Try your live demo of Bookmark OS for free now!

Notes to Editors and Reporters

Please contact Anne Howard from the AH Marketing Group to obtain your press account for testing and to schedule an interview with David Lynam, CEO of Bookmark OS.

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