New York, NY –  The Golden Kids Runway (GKR)  – Fashion Fight for a Cause (FFC) offers a mission statement catered to nurturing minds and souls of all children through fashion and design‐oriented activities.  Children become conscious about supporting the efforts of various charities and volunteerism using a production platform to protest a message.  Each year a bi‐annual fundraising fashion celebration is created to showcase various designers in the retail market by providing a platform for emerging talent.  According to the Creative Director, Sakeena Brooks-Gales, “the GKR – FFC takes great pride in lending its financial support by donating its proceeds from each production to a designated cause.”  “All of the children are extremely excited to participate and plenty of clean water is available as a right spoken from the change agents.”

The protest for National Walk Out Day, yielded an exclusive and sold-out fashion extravaganza featured on Sunday at the Stewart Hotel NYC, complete with styles from some of the most sought after established and emerging European and American designers.  The 7th Golden Kids Runway – Fashion Fights for a Cause (GKR – FFC) celebrated the world of fashion for kids by encapsulating an eclectic blend of child models, trendy music, talented performances, whimsical clothing with tremendous amounts of positive energy. What maked GKR – FFC unique on Sunday, March 11, 2018, was the performance by 11 year old, DJ Fussyman and Rappers, Kicking Down Walls.  It was a performance for the kids, by the kids!   Kids protested by “Kicking Down Walls” to deliver a message for better gun laws and the Fashion Fight for a Cause to find a cure for cancer.  The demonstration did not begin in Florida today nor was it limited to school property. The demonstration started with “What are you wearing?” to deliver a content to Washington, DC that sign-clutching students also are with the FASHION World who gathered inside to offer a performance for the elite VIP audience/influencers. Children must be heard everywhere.

PTA members also briefly spoke about how to respond during the Fashion production to empower #Goldenkids and #TrendyKids in their efforts to create change without violence.  Along the Fashion Fights for a Cause was a fundraiser for #CancerAwareness upcoming in September 2018, the hosts, DJ, performers, and production were children who donated their time and efforts to a worthy cause.

Although childhood cancer is still considered rare disease and faces three major problems, together YOU can make a difference for the Patient, the Childhood Cancer research, and the Lack of expertise in providing a timely diagnosis.  Donate today to Childhood Cancer.


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