Social media analytics tool, Vaizle, launching this February

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VAIZLE, a social media analysis tool is going to hit the market this February. It help companies in analyzing their social media performance and benchmark their competitors or their past performance.

Social media analytics is not new on the market. Even with the existing tools, companies are struggling to make sense of social media analytical data.

Sharing his motivation on what prompted him to start Vaizle, Nitan Jain, CEO of Vaizle, shares, “Whenever I used a social media analytical tool, all I got was a screen full of graphs and complex data with zero insights. I had to hire an expert to deduce the insights out of those complex graphs and integrate it into their social media strategy.”

Encouraged by his motivation, he developed a tool that makes social media analytics simple with actionable insights. There is one insight with every graph that can be used on a daily basis.

Some of the key features of Vaizle are: –

  • Social media analysis : You can get analysis and interpretation of your social media data and what it means for your business. Know how consistent you are against your competitors.
  • Competitive analysis : You can create a context for your social media marketing analysis by comparing your performance against yourself and your competitors. These metrics can be used to compare future activity to past results, quickly, effectively and simply to highlight areas of progress.
  • Hashtag analytics : You can see which brands are using popular hashtags the most and compare it with your own hashtag strategy for better future performance.
  • Alerts : If you or one of your competitors sees a lot of engagement on a specific post, you can know about it instantly using VAIZLE instant alert feature.

According to the company, Vaizle is faster than industry leaders like SocialBakers, Quintly, and Rival IQ. The tool is available for early access at “Pay what you want” pricing model. Click here to sign up.

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