Now get social media analytics at price of your choice.

Vaizle, social media analytics tool based in India, is offering its plan at ‘Pay what you want’ which is available for early users. This pricing model has been used for the first time in SaaS social media industry. The company wants to take power of analytics in social media to everyone.

High priced social media analytics tool, starting at as much $100 USD a month, is one of the reason why small businesses and brands have not been able to use social media for maximum returns.

The already existing social media analytical tools are offering either 15 days or one-month free trial period. Due to which users are not able to deploy social media analytics to its full potential.

The CEO of the company firmly believes that the” Price paid for a service or commodity should always reflect the value you get”.

“Pay what you want” is a value-based pricing model where a user will pay based on how they value the tool. They can either pay $0 or 10 cents or $10 or $100, whatever they feel like. The team believes this pricing-plan will empower startups and small businesses to improve their social media performance.

Apart from its competitive pricing, the team has improved Vaizle on speed and performance when compared to other tools available in the market. Its dashboard is not limited to graphs and charts, but also its interpretation, which according to the company, is actionable and can be used in day-to-day social media activity.

Tool will be open for use by the end of January. For now, the tool is available for early access at “Pay what you want” pricing. Sign up here to avail the benefit.

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