Seattle, Washington–(Hexa PR Wire. – April 16, 2023)-The Michael Peres Podcast announces its upcoming episode featuring a conversation with Brian Wallace, the President of NowSourcing, one of the world’s top infographic design agencies. The episode is scheduled to be released on April 20, 2023, offering listeners an in-depth discussion on visual storytelling, entrepreneurship, and the value of infographics in contemporary communication.

About The Michael Peres Podcast

The Michael Peres Podcast explores important questions relating to science, technology, society, entrepreneurship, and current events. With engaging conversations featuring industry experts and thought leaders, the podcast aims to inspire listeners and provide valuable insights into various fields.

In Episode #17, Peres and Wallace will discuss the world of infographic design, the significance of visual storytelling in the digital age, and share their experiences in entrepreneurship and the media industry.

About Guest Brian Wallace

The Michael Peres Podcast A Deep Dive into the World of Infographics with Brian Wallace
Brian Wallace, with permission

Brian Wallace is known for his expertise in the infographic design industry. His company, NowSourcing, based in Louisville, KY, and Cincinnati, OH, has become a prominent player in the field under his leadership. Wallace’s commitment to innovation, entrepreneurship, and empowerment has allowed him to effectively assist businesses and organizations in conveying their messages through engaging infographics. Wallace’s expertise in the field has led to his work being featured in major publications such as Mashable, CNN, and Forbes.

About Host Michael Peres

Michael Peres, also known as Mikey Peres, is a serial entrepreneur, software engineer, journalist, and author. He has experience in founding tech, media, and news startups. With a background in computer science, mathematics, and Jewish studies, and currently pursuing a degree in bio-medical engineering, Peres guides discussions on “The Michael Peres Podcast,” focusing on topics related to science, technology, society, entrepreneurship, and current events.

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