NFT Seller Tips: Clancey Braxton Yohman On How To Market Yourself As An NFT Artist

Clancey Braxton Yohman NFT tips for sellers

It can be very difficult to stand out as an NFT artist. As the art gains traction and popularity in the mainstream, more artists will start using this technology to make a living.

This means more competition and more options for collectors and investors. Therefore, a good marketing strategy is crucial to being a successful NFT artist.

But the question becomes, how do you market yourself as an NFT artist? We asked Clancey Braxton Yohman this exact question, and he gave us some very insightful advice.

Clancey Braxton Yohman is an NFT expert and consultant for artists and businesses interested in diving into the world of NFTs. He has his finger on the pulse of this technology and is one of the industry leaders of NFT investing. 


The first thing Clancey Braxton Yohman says is to participate anywhere and everywhere you can. This means getting into small and large Discord groups, participating in their discussions, and just talking to the community.

Be active on Twitter, start discussions, build your own community, and engage with everyone you can. Participation is key in the world of NFTs because it shows that you care about the community, and in return, people will want to purchase your art. 

Spread Your Name

Get your name out there. Get your art out there. Post everywhere you can, whether it be Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Deviant Art, etc.

You do not need to advertise your art as NFTs, you can mention that fact in the comments if you’d like, but you do not want to be known as someone who spams their art to sell it. Instead, you want to be known as a talented artist who happens to sell their work as NFTs. 


Yohman says that collaboration with up-and-coming NFT artists is a huge and fantastic way to market. Not only does it net your experience, but it also builds a working relationship with other artists and influencers.

On top of this, if you collaborate, you will have two people marketing, which inevitably means more people will see your project. Collaboration is a very underrated form of marketing, but it is invaluable.

Collaborate with other artists, collaborate with influencers. You can even collaborate with artists in different music or video game development mediums. 

Give Aways

Doing giveaways or events is a great way to market yourself and show that you care about more than just selling art. Raffles are a great way to show off your art and get people interested in you as a person and an artist.

Giveaways are a traditional and proven marketing strategy and are fantastic when paired with a mainstream trend or reference. They should be fun and appeal to as many people as possible. 

Create Meaningful Projects 

People care about more than just art. They care about the backstory of artists and projects. This is true for every form of art, not just NFTs.

Have you ever been to an art gallery and seen a piece of art that looks lazy or simple, only to find out it has an amazing backstory or was created by a particular artist?

Collectors love a good backstory, and they love investing in an artist more than the art itself. So be open with your audience and let them know who you are as a person and why you create NFTs.

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