What should you wear with your pair of chinos?

There’s no doubt about khakis being the original shade when it comes to chinos. However, the latest trends in the fashion world have proven that you can experiment successfully with different shades and still achieve a magnificent look. With different designers using various shades of chinos, the world has embraced them by wearing a diverse range of garments and matching them perfectly. The question remains, what is appropriate to wear with a pair of chinos? Most people are afraid of trying something new in fear of failing, but the truth is you can’t go wrong with chinos.

Choosing what to be worn with chinos

The simplest yet classic look is wearing a pair of chinos with a t-shirt, especially since t-shirts are found in almost every closet. This is an effective way of achieving a classic look without breaking your budget or complicating a simple classic look. There are several t-shirt colors that one can never go wrong with, regardless of the color of chinos you choose. Some of these colors include navy, black, white, and striped, making a perfect summer combination. If you do not want to go all out, a t-shirt is the perfect solution for you and still makes you look stylish.

However, if you want to look slightly more dressed and laid-back, a pair of chinos go well with a shirt and designer shoes, both casual and official. A chambray shirt that is buttoned all the way down or a plain linen shirt complements your chinos perfectly. If you prefer striped shirts, ensure that you don’t wear a conspicuous shirt which will affect the entire look. To keep things in check, try matching blue shirts with chinos that have shades of blue. Do not make the common mistake of wearing colorful shirts with chinos, especially in an official setting. Consulting a design expert is recommended simply because it gives you perspective on what to wear or not to wear with chinos.

Chinos are perfect for a night out and are stylish when accompanied by a t-shirt and a blazer. There are different types of combinations that go well with chinos depending on the shade. A black blazer with a pair of blue chinos is the most common combo preferred by most young people. However, a blue blazer goes well with khaki chinos, making the blazer, t-shirt, and blazer combination the best for several casual events.

Which shoes should you wear with a pair of chinos

Chinos match with several classic footwear choices, but the best options are canvas or white leather sneakers. As long as you wear your pair of chinos with the right blazer, shirt or t-shirt, and sneakers, you are guaranteed a classic designer look. A pair o suede boots or leather boots are also a great look with different shades of chinos.

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