Upcoming Gadgets Trends for 2020

At the beginning of 2019, things were very clear that the year was going to be innovative in terms of product design and development. Overall it was a good year, and the sectors like smart home devices to foldable phones saw a lot of promising updates. Keeping last year’s progress in mind, 2020 was expected to be much more innovative and advanced, but due to COVID-19, things are a little slow right now. However, many tech companies are working extensively on the design and development of products and planning to come out with new products very soon.

Here are some tech advancements that we should look forward to.

AI devices

While Sophia, the AI robot, made headlines throughout the year, personal robots like Kuri, saw a slow and painful death in terms of technology in 2019. When it comes to AI development, tech companies are doing whatever it takes to make our lives smarter. 2020 is expected to be the year of AI devices. Many companies, including Samsung, Apple, and more, are working in this field. Samsung is close to launching an AI game and products like Neon in the near future.

In the world we are living in, personalized experience means a lot. Smart assistants such as Google Home or Amazon Echo Show are some of the most popular examples. In the year 2020, these AI-based devices are expected to get smarter and more useful for users. 

Small mass storage devices

There was a time when pen drives were available in less than 1 GB capacity, and now we are looking forward to the memory card with more than 1 TB capacity. Gadgets like Photostick are making it much easier to store and transfer heavy media files like photos and videos from phone to other devices. You can check the ThePhotoStick Review to learn more about it.

Project CHIP

There was a time when building a smart home was something we consider a theory out of sci-fi movies. Nowadays, building a smart home is not that difficult. Currently, the main issue with smart devices is that products from different companies do not communicate with each other on the same level. Project CHIP comes into the scene here. Companies including Amazon, Apple, Google, and Zigbee Alliance are building an open-source smart home standard that will help the consumer to have more control over the smart home system without being ruled by specific brands.

As the project gets implemented, the experts believe that more smart home devices will start to flow in the market that will cover every corner of your home, including bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, hall, and even backyard.

5G is the future

Many countries have started testing 5G capabilities and the future of AI-based smart home devices very much based on the success and affordability of the 5G network. Technology is expected a huge leap in 2020.


The technology is advancing at a very fast pace, and even though 2020 has slowed the progress a little bit due to ongoing situations, the tech companies are not in the mood to slow down their designing and development processes. Hopefully, in the second half of the year, we will see a lot happening in the tech industry.