5 Tips for Smoking Cigars Like A Pro

Smoking a cigar has been around for centuries. Whether it’s celebrating a milestone or simply taking a break during the day, cigars have been a part of different cultures across the world. If you’ve decided to take up a new hobby or someone has offered you a smoke for the first time, you might be a little lost about what to do. However, by following a few simple tips, you can look like a cigar aficionado instead of a novice.

1. Smelling the Cigar

Take off the cellophane if there is any, hold the cigar horizontally when you smell it.  Never let the cigar actually touch your nose. If you’re new to cigar smoking, don’t smoke one that has an ammonia aroma; smile and put it in your pocket, saying you’ll save it for later. You will not enjoy smoking it. Otherwise, if it smells good to you, it will probably taste good too.

2. How to Cut off of the Tip

You will cut off the closed tip which is the part you put in your mouth. Cut the cigar where it tapers. Use cigar scissors or a cutter, also called a guillotine. Don’t cut too far down or the cigar will unravel Don’t cut the band off either, at least until you’ve smoked for a while. The heat will loosen the glue so you don’t damage the wrapper pulling off the band. Before lighting the cigar, draw through it. Make a slightly larger cut if you can’t get any air through it.

3. Lighting the Cigar

Use a butane lighter or a wooden match to light your cigar. Don’t use a disposable lighter as it will get too hot while you toast your cigar. Toasting the cigar involves holding it at a 45-degree angle and holding the cigar over the light without letting it touch the flame. Twirl the cigar slowly to dry it out as it’s probably been in a humidifier. Soon, a whiff of smoke will appear and your cigar is ready to light. Put the end of the cigar to the flame and puff gently. Rotate the cigar until the entire end is lit. Now you’re ready to smoke.

4. Smoking the Cigar

While you’re smoking, let the ash get about one inch long before tapping it off. If it won’t tap off, keep smoking and try again shortly. Most people don’t inhale as it’s unnecessary to enjoy the cigar. However, you can inhale and blow the out through your nose. Don’t inhale your first few cigars as you will start wheezing and choking and people will know you’re not a regular cigar smoker. Puff every minute or so to keep the cigar lit. Smoke a good cigar can take a half an hour to an hour.

Holding the Cigar

While smoking, hold the cigar between your index finger and thumb. It’s not essential for your enjoyment, however, serious cigar smokers see it as what separates cigar smokers from cigarette smokers.

5. Putting the Cigar Out

Never stub out your cigar in an ashtray. Simply let it sit and it will go out on its own. Smoke the whole cigar or throw it out if you don’t want all of it. You can’t relight a cold cigar; it will taste terrible. You can relight a cigar which went out an hour ago if you want to, put never pull a half-smoked cigar out of your pocket to relight it. You should leave the cigar in the ashtray. If your cigar accidentally goes out while you’re smoking it, hold it under a flame to relight it. Don’t put it in your mouth to relight it.

Smoking jackets

While smoking your cigar with people you want to impress, you’ll need several talking points. Suggest smoking jackets come back in fashion. These were thigh-length jackets worn when smoking to keep the smell of the cigar off a man’s clothing and not offend the ladies. Frank Sinatra. Dean Martin and Hugh Hefner all wore smoking jackets.

Smoking a cigar is an art form. Learn to do it like a true cigar aficionado and you’ll see why people have been enjoying cigars since the 10th century.