Are E-cigarettes Still Worth Switching To?

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 5 Things People Who Want to Use Them Should Consider

E-cigarettes have been thriving as a ‘healthy’ and alternative way of smoking within the last ten years. E-Cigarettes are electric sticks that don’t contain tobacco, but instead liquid nicotine solutions. They function by using the heating element and a rechargeable battery. 

They can also be found in forms of everyday devices such as a pen or a USB drive. E-Cigarettes are constantly evolving. Before jumping onto the new trend, here’s what to consider when smoking one. 

The Right Age

According to research, switching from a normal cigarette to an E-cigarette has helped people quit smoking. However, this isn’t the case with everybody, and it can be quite addictive for adolescents. Therefore, it is advisory for young adults and teenagers not to use them. There has been an increase of youths smoking since 2015; some were not smoking tobacco beforehand. 

However, it is ideal for adults to use when they need to cut down the amount of smoking in a day. Keep in mind that it’s not suitable for pregnant women to use this. 

Where to Buy 

If it’s your first time buying an E-cigarette, it’s best to shop around first and find a flavour that is easy to smoke. This can vary from the taste of caramel to the taste of menthol. 

It has a similar concept to shisha, with a light feeling compared to heavy smoke from a cigarette. The nicotine cartridge is available in different strengths which people can adjust to suit them. 

Plus, some flavours smell amazing, and every time you finish one, you can easily switch to another to give it a try. According to E-Cigarette Empire, there are many different options for the same flavour for you to try.

There are also actual stores that specifically sell E-cigarettes and flavours, so there will always be a variety. 

You Can Save

With cigarettes, it’s easy for someone to go through a pack a day, especially if they are addictive and need something in their hands. The benefit with the E-cigarette is that it can actually be money-saving since it is an electronic stick that has a rechargeable battery.

There’s also a mouthpiece known as the cartridge which is changeable only when it’s necessary. The only thing that needs changing is the liquid solution, and there’s less likelihood of spending money on a new liquid solution every day. 

A Better Alternative 

 Even though smoking, in general, is never risk-free, using an E-Cigarette has an advantage since it contains fewer toxins. This is because of the liquid solution being heated and then vaporises rather than it being a burning cigarette. 

Even though it is considered a healthier way to smoke, it is always advisory to consider the health risks when it comes to smoking and vaping. These health risks can range from lung disease to damage to brain cells, especially for the younger generation. 

This is from long term smoking of E-cigarettes and starting from a young age. The motive of using an E-Cigarette should be to lessen the amount of smoking in an adult. 

Don’t Risk It 

When it comes to smoking an E-Cigarette, it shouldn’t be smoked if you’re someone who has never smoked tobacco before. The reason is that it can actually cause addiction for that person since it still includes nicotine. 

This then creates the opposite effect of what an E-Cigarette is intended to do. It’s not worth trying and getting addicted just because it’s trending. 


People tend to go cold turkey when it comes to quitting smoking. However, there is a strong likelihood that when a person stops right away, they will start smoking again after a short time. It’s like a crash diet, where it can work for a week or two but then those sugar cravings come in, and it’s an endless vicious circle. 

When it comes to addiction, whether it’s caffeine, nicotine, or carbs, it’s not easy to quit. Even though the FDA does not yet approve e-cigarettes as a form to quit or cut down on smoking, there are still results. 

However, there will always be disadvantages when it comes to new trends and solutions, and the biggest, so far, in this area is that it’s affecting teenagers and their growth. If E-Cigarettes are strictly marketed at adults who can handle the smoking and aim to cut down, there would be a positive outcome. 

Just like eating bacon, drinking sugary drinks, or eating junk food, everything is a little dangerous and never risk-free. Therefore it is down to the individual on how they wish to proceed, knowing whether it is all worth switching for. Choose wisely and shop wisely too.