Vape Battery Safety: 9 Tips to Keep You Protected


Vaping has taken the world by storm and it’s a really popular alternative to smoking.

If you’re in the market for a new rig, vape battery safety is extremely important.

When vape batteries are not handled properly, it can cause serious injuries or a fire. Check out these nine helpful tips that will keep you and your new vape safe.

1. Check the Battery Wrap

All vape batteries are wrapped in a protective coating. If this wrap gets nicked or damaged, it can cause a serious threat to your vape.

Check on your battery wraps and make sure they’re in excellent condition. If not, you should either buy a new battery or re-wrap the one you have. Most vape shops carry wraps for your battery so you can save money.

2. Vape Battery Safety: Smart Storage

Any type of battery, including household batteries, can cause a serious fire threat if they’re not stored correctly. The same goes with your vape batteries, so make sure you stash them in a plastic case when you’re not using them.

Never throw your batteries in your pocket or purse. Buy a plastic battery case and use those to transport them safely. A battery that’s not protected could get a short circuit if it comes into contact with a metal object, possibly resulting in a dangerous explosion.

3. Check the Brand

Unfortunately, fake vape batteries can be sold all over the place, especially the Internet. If you buy a cheap or fake brand, it’s a serious problem because they’re not manufactured to proper safety standards.

Before you buy a new one, do a vape battery comparison so you can decide which brands and styles will work for your vaping needs. Make sure the battery has the appropriate brand name clearly shown on the casing. Counterfeit batteries are rampant, so make sure you only purchase one from a trusted retailer.

4. Mind Your Charger

You might think your batteries are perfectly safe while they’re sitting in the charger. The fact is, an unattended charger is dangerous, especially when it’s left that way for a long time.

Always unplug your charger overnight, and never leave the house with your batteries plugged into it. It’s not very common, but battery chargers can fail and cause a fire or small explosion. When you’re not at home, remove the batteries and put them in their plastic storage case.

5. Keep Batteries out of Extreme Temperatures

Overall, your vape battery can handle variations in temperatures, but if they’re too extreme it could cause a problem. High temps can create a strain on the battery and make it run out or age at a faster rate.

Cold temperatures can reduce your battery’s capacity which will result in a weak vape. Always store your batteries in a cool, dry place and keep them out of direct sunlight and hot temperatures. Never leave batteries in your car where they could be exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

Pro tip: leave your batteries in an insulated lunch cooler to keep them at a more regulated temperature.

6. Ditch the Old Batteries

All vape batteries have a limited lifespan that lasts up to a certain amount of charging cycles. Lithium-ion batteries start to lose their strength and total capacity after you use them for a long period of time.

If you’ve had your batteries for a while or you’re starting to notice that they’re taking longer to charge or discharge, it could be time to say goodbye. If the battery seems to be working fine, you should still replace it after about six months to a year at most.

7. Dispose of Vape Batteries Responsibly

You should never just toss your old vape batteries in the trash can. Instead, you need to recycle them in a responsible manner. Not only can your battery short out while it’s sitting in the trashcan, but it can also leach harmful toxic chemicals when it sits in a landfill.

Look for recycling centers near you that take batteries of all kinds. Some vape shops will also be glad to take them. The key takeaway is that you should never just toss them in the trash since it’s potentially dangerous.

8. Travel Safely

You’ve probably heard about the dangerous hoverboard fires that happened all over the country. Those toys use the same basic battery as your vape, and they were banned on aircraft as a matter of public safety.

You can bring your vape along with you while you travel, but most airlines require you to remove them from the device. Take your battery out and keep it in the plastic storage case for the duration of your flight. It’s not only smart, but it can also help you avoid any harassment from the TSA or flight attendants.

9. Avoid Over-Draining Your Batteries

For good vape battery safety, try not to let your batteries drain all the way. These types of batteries may lose more capacity the longer and further you allow them to discharge.

If your vape mod has a battery level indicator, keep a close eye on it so you know when to switch the current battery out for a new one. Taking it out before it’s completely drained is not only safer, but it will also preserve the life of your battery.

Vaping Common Sense

Aside from these tips on vape battery safety, it’s wise to just use common sense. Monitor your charger, battery level, and always keep them stored in their proper place away from direct heat and sunlight.

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